What we do

No-one in the world does what we do.

theBankDoctor is a Not For Profit web based provider of independent practical tips and information to help SMEs obtain and maintain the best financing arrangements for their business. This information is offered only via this website which incorporates our Blog, Ask theBankDoctor service, a Resources page plus access to our Newsletter.

In addition to providing practical support to small businesses, theBankDoctor represents the interests of SMEs in the broader community by engaging with banks, alternative financiers, accountants, the media, industry associations and government.

We proactively advocate and lobby on behalf of SMEs in order to advance and protect their interests. This extends beyond financing to such areas as mental health. We actively support Heads Up for Small Business a NFP organisation that creates awareness of this important issue and provides tools and resources to help small business owners and their staff manage mental health in the workplace.

We present at conferences, seminars and webinars in order to equip SMEs and their advisors with the knowledge and tools to enable them to better understand and deal with the daily challenges encountered when funding a small business.

Recent webinars include:
Tyro Payments
 which deals with how to navigate the wide range of marketplace lending options now available to SMEs.
NSW Business Chamber which covers the range of debt and equity options available to SMEs to fund their business.
Active Elements Radio deals with funding the establishment and growth of a small business and 
Profitable Hospitality provides tips for how to get the best out of your banking relationship.

What we dont do.

  • We are not a finance broker, arranger or introducer of business to lenders and we dont receive commissions, trails or fees from banks.
  • We dont make recommendations on banking or financial products or services.
  • We dont provide specific banking advice to individual businesses.