theBankDoctor is an independent albeit unelected, unauthorised and unpaid voice of SMEs.

We advocate for SMEs by raising and providing feedback on challenges business owners face in accessing funding on fair and competitive terms.

We aim to constructively raise new and different ideas for public debate. We also engage with politicians, bureaucrats and business leaders in order to better protect and promote the interests of Australia’s small business sector.

Examples of our advocacy on behalf of SMEs include:

Enshrining the rights of small business owners
We propose a small business borrowers Bill of Rights to foster greater transparency and accountability across the SME lending sector and to give all small business borrowers the rights they deserve.

The Financial System Inquiry
theBankDoctor was active in making submissions and commentary on the Financial System Inquiry focussing on the difficulties faced by SMEs when trying to access finance to establish and grow their business.

Mental Health & SMEs
theBankDoctor is a member of the Heads Up Small Business Advisory Group. Heads Up is a free resource centre that provides individuals and businesses tools and resources to enable them to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in workplace mental health.

Protection of SMES from unscrupulous lenders
The non-bank SME lending sector needs to be better regulated as too many SMEs are being caught out by the emergence of what can be described as “SME payday lenders”. Non-bank SME lending is unregulated and there are some unscrupulous operators taking advantage of this. We have started this Campaign to encourage marketplace SME lenders to lead the way in pricing transparency.

Helping Australians start their own small business
We propose a First Business Owners Scheme similar to the First Home Owners Scheme this scheme but designed to help Australians get their own small business up and running.

Ethics & Culture in banking
theBankDoctor is an active member and promoter of the Banking & Finance Oath in order to boost commitment to ethical standards in the banking and finance sector.

Should you wish to provide input on any of the above issues or suggest other ways in which we might advocate for SMEs please contact us.