What we believe in

We believe in a fair go for small business

Lack of power, knowledge and representation makes small business vulnerable when dealing with big organisations like banks and other bureaucratic institutions like government and its agencies.

Banks and governments regularly talk about small business being the backbone of the economy but their policies and actions do not always reflect this.

Small business owners have limited time, resources and understanding to represent themselves and the whole sector.

theBankDoctor aims to help by being an independent, constructive and knowledgable voice for small business.

We believe in honesty, integrity & transparency

We believe both suppliers and users of banking and finance products and services would benefit from a greater level of honesty, integrity and transparency.

As an independent Not-for-Profit venture we not constrained by commitments or obligations to any party which means we are free to tell it like it is. We pride ourselves in being factual, even handed and transparent. We are proud members and supporters of the Banking & Finance Oath movement and actively in encourage other industry participants to do the same.