Free banking & finance insights for small business owners

Free banking & finance insights for small business owners

theBankDoctor is a not-for-profit resource centre that exists to help small business owners navigate the myriad of alternative ways to finance your business.

The resources on this website will help you make smarter decisions on the best way to finance your business.  There are many issues to consider starting with having an appropriate balance between debt and equity. It is critical to have a sound understanding of the risks and benefits of different forms of debt and equity as well as the providers of the various forms of finance available these days, including the rapidly emerging non-bank lenders. And when dealing with lenders, it is not just about the interest rate. Other components of your financing package can be just as important such as the security requirements, adequacy of approved limits, loan terms and conditions, what happens when things dont go well, reporting requirements, covenants and product suitability.

Most small business owners don’t really like banks and struggle when dealing with them. But despite being disenchanted with the big banks, many remain reluctant to take the risk of moving to a non-bank lender preferring to adopt the devil we know approach.  Many owners don’t have anyone they can turn to. 

That’s where we come in. We provide independent, practical and totally free business banking and finance insights that will help you get the right financing set-up for your business. theBankDoctor is independent of any bank, non-bank lender, advisor or any other organisation. We are not brokers and generate no income from advertising nor do we give anyone access to our subscriber base. Every resource on this website is free for you to use as you see fit.

How do we help?

By reading our Blog you will keep up to date with what is happening in small business finance and receive a whole bunch of tips on what to do and not to do when dealing with lenders.

The Media page contains the articles we have written for a range of publications and journals on topics relevant to SMEs.

Check out the Resources page for simple and practical explanations of the various ways to finance your small business. Learn about the different types of debt and equity finance and the pros and cons of each one. This page will help you get the best form of finance your business. And there are links to over 50 different business and government organisations which could help you.

The Advocacy page details the advocacy and lobbying activities we undertake to protect and enhance the interests of small business owners. We welcome suggestions and comments as to how we may be able to help further.

Ask theBankDoctor posts answers to a list of common banking and finance questions small businesses ask for example “how do I get my personal guarantee back from the bank?” If you can’t find the question and answer you are after, send in your own question and we will endeavour to reply.

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